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The first time I had encountered “jejemon” text messages that read “jejeje”, I had no clue it was really meant and typed that way. I even thought it was a typo of “hehehe”, mistakenly sent by pressing the submit/send key right away.

Few months back, I came across the Urban Dictionary online where jejemon was defined as:

uSuoLy sEEn ArOuND sOCial NeTWoRking sitez such az FriendshIPsteRndmUltipLy, JEjEmonZ ZareziNDiviDUAlz WiTh loW iqz hu spReAd AroUnD their IdioCY On D WEB BY TyPFiNg lyk DiZz jejEjeJe, mkINg Ol peOple vIeWing THEir proFilE rAiSe tHEiR eyebrOwZ awtZ of anNoynCe p0Wh. nOrMl peoPlE Lyk unDme MUst tAke A BcheLOR Of artz In jejETyPing in OrDeR to uNderstand paiD InDividuals, Az deCIpHERiNg theIr TXt woUld CaUSE A lot Of fruStrAtIONndhR PullIng.

I was okay until I read the 2nd definition where Filipinos was mentioned:

jejemOnZ zarEznOt juST coNFInED tO TRYiNg-hRD fILipIn0H GNGsterzNdemoS P0Wh. A jEJeMoN can alsO inCLUde a VARIeTY Of LTino-HiSPnic fagz hu EnjOy tYpinG “jEJEJEJejE” In A WidER CoNtXT, MucH tO d DisDain of tHeIr OppOnEntZ in an inTErNet MmOrpG GMe such az ragnroKndDOtA.

Oooops! I am not one of them. I, myself, do not tolerate a jejemon’s style of  jejetyping. Believe me, I have been back home for more than 2 years now and been using SMS almost everyday communicating with friends but I was not influenced by this style. I, in fact, type as how I converse, no shortcuts and numbers used in the sentences I compose. I used The Jologs-inator (Thanks Cess for the link) for that. If you found the above definition hard to comprehend, click here.

I am not against jejemons, but there’s one thing I am sure of, I won’t let my kids use jejetyping style when the right time comes that they are allowed to use laptops and mobile phones.

Anywy, enOuGh of JEjeMons P0WH. I’d RatheR finiSh aN oNlINE tAsk  AboutZ acne medicine InSteAd Of eLboRatInG wt Reoly A jeJeMoN Is. i HVe n0h TiME FoR thIz jEJEjE lOlZ!


A full-time home-based Marketing Manager by day, 24/7 Mom, and a Blogger during spare time. I’m 42 and proud. Mom of Derelle & Erchelle, sharing my adventures as I walk through motherhood and having to do most things on my own while my Indian national husband works miles away from home.


  • c5

    I’ve never had any difficulty deciphering but I don’t write in such a way either. It used to be that it’s called LEET (1337) language which is actually better in terms of style and coding. I guess it’s just the Pinoys who came up with jejewriting which tends to be annoying.

    c5’s last blog post..Electronic Handheld Gadgets


  • Kill_That_JEJEMON

    gusto kong pagmumurahin ng harap harapan yang mga jejemon nah yan.. hnd ko alm why im so insecure to them.. ahaha nakakainis lang at nkakabad3p kung minsan eh..


  • anti-jeje

    Question: Bakit jeje-cap ang props ng mga jejemon?

    Answer: maraming dahilan kung bakit ganun ang itsura ng jeje-cap…

    may rainbow colors
    tska pinapatong lang sa ulo.

    ok, eto na ang reasons…

    1) mahaba – para mag mukha lang tanga.. yun lang…

    1) rainbow color – mahilig manood ng youtube. Puro yun lang ang ginagawa. Manood at mag-comment. Tingan nyo na lang ang comments sa mga sikat na youtube uploads, puro mga jejemon mga nag-comment. Kala mo marami alam pero…

    3) pinapatong lang sa ulo – madaling matanggal. kahit anong ibigay mong aral sa kanila, lilipad lang yun.. parang hinangin na jeje-cap.

    and finally…
    4) yung jeje-cap mismo…

    Yun ang piniling prop kasi CAP-os na nga sa pera, (iskwaking),
    CAP-os pa sa pag-iisip!

    Beware of the jeje-mons. Baka matulad ka nila…


  • Ghost

    Just wondering who came up with the name “jejemon” Jeje is “hehe” while mon was taken from PokeMon, short for Pocket Monster, the anime. So, jejemon is hehemonster? Who the crap thought of that name?


  • LunaShoemaker

    It’s 2011 now and I think the Jejemon fever has subsided in major hotspots in the Philippines. But I’ve encountered so many jejemons in my school in Cavite and It’s not pretty. The ” Jejegirls” or the female jejemons are highly annoying and somewhat mentally incapacitated to even understand. ( FYI, high school jejemons are very dull) I guess Jejebusters are effective in a way, don’t you think?


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