When planning an outfit for a social event, it can be easy to forget about the smaller details of an outfit. Accessories can be overlooked as focus is given to finding the perfect dress or the right shoes. While clothing choices do count for a great deal, accessories are often one of the first things that others notice. Adding jewelry to an outfit can be a way to make a lasting impression.

Choose Pieces Carefully
It is important to use caution when choosing accessories. Selecting accessories that are too flashy can take away from an outfit. For this reason, it is best to keep an outfit’s color scheme in mind when selecting jewelry or other accessories that will be worn. A dress with bold colors, for example, may not coordinate well with an abundance of costume jewelry. Formal occasions may call for a more subtle use of accessories so that a classy look can be achieved. Consider if a handbag or small clutch will be carried as well. If it draws attention, then it is incredibly important to make sure that the accessories coordinate with it.

Consider the Impact
Along with adding color and style, jewelry can also send a message. Too much jewelry or too many accessories can detract from a person. Careful choices can make sure that accessories and jewelry positively complement an outfit. For example, pearls are often thought of as timeless and classy. Pearls could be an ideal choice for a variety of functions, both business and social. 

Choose Features to Highlight
It is also important to recognize what parts of the body should have attention drawn to them. For example, stunning earrings can draw attention to the eyes. If eyes are a person’s best feature, then earrings can be an excellent choice. A person who prefers to draw attention to other areas may want to choose a necklace or a bracelet instead. Sites like https://www.thepearlsource.com/ offer a variety of jewelry selections.

When outfit and accessory choices have been made, consider asking a friend for a second opinion before debuting the look at an event. Another person can often provide an opinion of how well the clothing and accessories coordinate together.

Mitch Carvalho

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