Joke Joke Joke!

Last night while I wasd Plurking, my daughter was seated beside me, and she suddenly said:

Deye : Mama, Mama, I said, I said bye to Lola Baleng.

Me : Who? What?

Deye : Lola Baleeeeenng *stressing on the name*

Me : When?

Deye : Last night ngaaaaa. *she would normally say “last night” when it’s past*

Me : Where?

Deye : Here, in the house….

Me : *I had goosebumps. The Lola Baleng she was talking about was my late maternal grandmother.* Are you sure? I asked her again where did you see her?

Deye : In the picture. Lola Baleng…. Di ba? Di ba? When we went to momorial last night. *She still can’t say the word memorial LOL!*

I admit I was feeling scared when she said those words, so I asked her again…

Me : Deye, tell me the truth, did you see Lola Baleng in the house?

Deye : Wala! Joke joke joke!!!

Goodness! She really said that, joke joke joke! Wahahaha!

Whatever it was, I didn’t know that to say and feel. From where she’d get that idea? She’s only 2 and 9 mos unless….

I’m ending this post. Haha! Yes, takot ako!

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  1. Ay sinabi mo pa! Takot nga ako eh. 🙁

    Anyway, goodnight na talaga. I need some rest. Ikaw din. Take things easy! Siomai lang katapat nyan hehe!


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