Earn with JSS Tripler, no investment needed

Another money making opportunity has come my way! This time your funds are safe ‘coz there’s no investment needed to start and get paid. All you need to do is sign up and successfully complete your registration. Then, you will be given an initial of $10 in your JSS account to at least buy one position.


With JSS-Tripler, you earn up to 2% per day on every active position you purchase, whether it be a new position you bought with AlertPay money or a position you bought with earnings (also referred to as compounding); for example,

  • You buy 1 position, you earn up to 2% per day or 20 cents per day.
  • You buy 100 positions, you earn up to 2% per day or $20.00 per day.

JSS Tripler introduction can be found here. Once you have successfully signed up and registered (by clicking the banner above), let me know and I will walk you through so you can start buying position/s but I would advise that you do not invest from your own funds as yet until unless you see some earnings growing in your account. Or otherwise, invest only the amount that you can afford to lose.

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  1. Oh dear, I’ve forgotten to look into this investment option. Kids are starting school this June so we’ll surely need more income. I’ll bookmark this now and will take a look at it again tonight.


  2. That’s sound advice…to invest only the amount you are ready to part with, just in case. Investment is some sort of a calculated risk we take…and it needs planning and a good understanding of how things work. Good luck on your new money-making endeavor


  3. Nice way to earn extra income. If no investment, I might try to be a memeber. There are lot of site like this one but you need to invest only to find out that they are all scams.


  4. Does this work like the adgitize before? Sadly, I don’t have much time to blog hop around a number of assigned sites.
    Congratulations on your earnings! And thanks for sharing 🙂


  5. I hope to hear more about this investment option maybe after a few months? Sana you’ll post another review on whether it was successful or what happened. Thanks in advance!


  6. I’ve been hearing about jss and have been invited several times already but I can’t really understand how it works LOL. but I think your explanation is simple and direct, I still have to think about this.


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