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I haven’t been able to blog recently ‘coz my little one is sick again – since Sunday, down with colds and dry cough. I took her to her Paedia yesterday but Dra. C was out for a week convention and we were referred to another Paediatrician.

Since January was her last check-up with Dra. Co, the latter refused to prescribe any medicines through the other Paedia. I just had to convince the other Paedia to give us medicine while Dra. C is out of town coz I couldn’t afford to watch Deye in that situation anymore, she couldn’t even sleep nicely. And I have to stay awake as well coz she vomits once in a while.

Right now, Deye is taking antibiotics and Mucosolvan as per my request. I told the Paedia what she’s been taking before and glad she gave us a prescription.

I hope that she gets well soon…. very soon…

Mitch Carvalho


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