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Just Been Paid (JBP) Updates

So happy with these small blessings! I’ve just reinvested another POS out from my Just Been Paid (JBP) earnings. 30 days later after I signed up, I have earned $10.20 so far.

Here’s a personal note to my downlines:

I have now purchased 2 POSITIONS apart from the $10 that was initially given to me. To those who have not purchased a POS yet from the Pay-It-Forward system, please do now and watch your earnings grow. I literally did watch my earnings grow out from that $10 and bought my very first funded $10 after I’ve seen $7 in my account. 5 days later, with 3 actively participating referrals, I’ve already earned $10.20.

Let’s earn together, team! If you have questions, please feel free to shoot me an email. To my readers, who have not signed up yet, think about this:

You can start with just $10 and turn it into a fortune! With JBP’s Pay-It-Forward System you get “$10 free money” to get you started at no cost! Click on the banner below if you’re ready to do it!


I know I am still not in the position to brag about how much I have already made with Just Been Paid but some I know already did. In my next post, I will be posting proof/s of payment.

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  • Mitchteryosa

    Basic lang din ang alam kong ipaliwanag sis haha! I walk my downlines through my upline and he explains LOL!

    Basta ang alam ko you get 2% of your investment on weekdays and 1.5% on weekends.

    Tapos every direct referral mo na bumili ng POSITION may $1 ka, tapos some percentage sa level 1 and 2.

    So far I have 3 POSITIONS purchased na (2 of which I funded, yung isa yung free money na tinatawag) so I get 2% of $30 on weekdays and 1.5% of $30 on weekends.

    Hope that helps! If you are interested, let me know, my team leader can help you haha!


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