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I brought Deye to my workplace yesterday for a change – just the two of us as Derrick had to do some errands. The last time I brought her here was 6 months ago. She could barely make steps.

She loved it! But hardly made friends with my colleagues. She still sees them as strangers though she had already met some of them.

I first took her to my office and she was wondering when she saw her photo on my desk hahaha! She was literally staring at it for few minutes. Then we went up to the big boss’ office. And she was like “woooowwww!” when she saw the couch and throw pillows hahaha! She then decided to pile the pillows up and made a tower out of them.

From there, took her to the Junior Club where she played with other kids who were there at that time. There were 2 little girls who happened to be wearing the same clothes from head to toe. She was looking at them, and staring… must be wondering how come they are two hehehe! But as usual, she wouldn’t share her toy with them. Maybe she thinks that they’d take it away from her. I guess all kids at her age do and think that way. We stayed at the Junior Club for few hours. She colored some books.

Does this red wig look familiar to you? I had posted it here for my Photo Hunt “Funky” theme entry two weeks ago, I guess. We found it lying there in the Junior Club. Thought it would look cute on her. Hihihihi! Please view the rest of the photos here. I wish I had more photos taken with her… Maybe next time when it’s not “just the two of us“.

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  • Kongkong622

    Ang cute ni Deye!! And the hair….Fabulous!! I read somewhere that it’s good to expose kids this early. Make them experience different environments and make them go to different places. It helps in the learning process 🙂

    Napagkatuwaan ko sya hehe! 😉

    When she saw the landscaping designs in the Resort nga, she said wooooooooowwww! As in amazed sya talaga! Siguro kasi dahil bihira syang makalabas.


  • JohnnyO

    Great post. I love taking my kids to work! Although I don’t think my co-workers are of the same mindset :-). I call it building memories – my kids getting exposed to what daddy does all day. Thanks for sharing – JohnnyO

    Thanks, Johnny O!

    I do that whenever I can. Especially when there are open gate events like Festivals in the Resort.

    You’re right, it makes them aware to what and where we have been the whole day.


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