Just Updating Part 1

Before I begin with my updates, let me first show you my new look hehehe! Dyaraaaaan!

Click here. This was taken 2 days ago.
Suspense talaga eh no? :p

Anyway, I didn’t realize that I was actually idle for 25 days since my last day at work. Thanks Feng for mentioning it! Unfortunately, we didn’t make it to Christmas and New Year, saya sana nun! We got here 4 days ago, and guess what the first errand that I accomplished? Getting an internet connection hahaha! First thing in the morning I was in the queue at Smart Office, here in our place. On the 3rd day I got it on and active yeehaaaaa! That’s is why Mitch is back, finally back!

Oh well, it wasn’t easy to be alone for 25 days, settling the rest of the things back in Bahrain, packing each and every hoarded items that we had there. But in time and patience, I was able to finish them all. The only thing that made me cry a couple of times was when Deye wouldn’t allow me even to go to the toilet. She’s been so cranky since the day my husband left. Or maybe she got used to seeing me everyday and every night, that’s why. Until now, she’s the same cranky Deye 25 days ago. I would always sneak out just to get things done outside. Body pains are always present coz she would always demand for “kayi”. *sigh* Sometimes I just had to ignore her coz I don’t want her to get used to it and make things hard for her once I get back to work.


Would you believe I didn’t have anything to wear when I got here? Just the pair of clothes that I was wearing when I left Bahrain. Simply because I exceeded baggage and I had to decide which one to leave. At that moment, I said leave the box, then I realized that my clothes were kept and packed there.


Rushed to the Night Market and grabbed the cheapest possible tops and bottoms that I could get, till I get the rest.

To be continued….

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  1. hi sis, love that hair! don’t worry about no clothes…u can buy a lot for your size at the market. promise!

    am glad to see ur back!

    congratulations for all the winnings! i’ve known about your 25$ but i can’t reach you so di ako nakpagcongrats ng surprise. hehehe

    am jst so happi to see ya. 🙂

    Onga eh, buti ng walang damit kesa walang PC hahaha!

    Thanks nga pala sa package!


  2. mitch!! finally u back ~ in the philippines & in the twisted wide wide web. ehehe! glad to know u have received a lot of blessings this 2008!
    its a good start..and a good sign of more to come..godbless u&ur family.
    happy 2008!

    Yup, finally…. Thanks sis!


  3. love your new look Sis, ang ganda, pramis! mukhang nagpa rebond ka pa yata ah. 🙂
    hope Deye will adjust to her new environment really pretty soon. kaya lang siguro sya clingy coz she’s adjusting and missing his Dada too.

    at anyhow, am glad you’re home safe. hope everything works for the best as you go through this transition phase. 🙂

    I wish you all the best this 2008, Mitch.

    Oo pero sa Bahrain pa ito narebond hehehe! Para byuti pag-uwi. :p

    Sana back to normal sya very soon kasi nahihirapan ako grabe, lagi ngang nakabuntot kahit sa banyo lang. Haaay!

    Thanks sis!


  4. Hi Mitch!! Glad to have you back 🙂

    Bilisan ang pag-post ha 🙂

    Thanks! Eto nga naghahabol ako. Hirap palang maging idle, nakakapanibago. :p


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