Just Updating Part 2


I went for my first job interview 2 days ago, for the post of an Admin. Assistant in Bayfront Hotel – Subic. I am scheduled for a final interview early next week. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I get this job, so I won’t have to spend more for printing CVs. Stupid me! I should’ve printed tons of copies when I was still in Bahrain, at least I could have it for free hahaha!

Anyway, as I’ve said the first thing on the list on my first day here was to get an internet connection. I applied for Smart Broadband just for P999/month. After 3 days, it was installed. From there, went straight to open a bank account. I’ll have it after in another week. Of course, I have opened an account with Union Bank – EON card where I can transfer my Paypal money. At the same time, for remittance purposes *grin*.

After that, went to shop for groceries including my daughter’s milk and diaper supplies good for one month, I hope.

Rest are just the common things that a balikbayan does when he’s/she’s back home. Bought some necessities like a new closet, a wall fan (para less space consumption), a PC table and my clothes…. Waaaaaaaaah!

Because Deye was clingy and cranky all the time, I bought her an umbrella stroller type, just to get myself free from carrying her at least for a while when we are out. We would sometimes put her there even when are at home, just to get her attention diverted to something else.

And guess what was the first fruit that I ate? Green mango with shrimp paste. Mmmmmmmm…. Sarap talaga! Pero talagang ang mahal ng bilihin huh! Grabe as in over! I was surprised that 1.5 Coke now is P40???? OMG! I think magbabagong buhay ako nito, cut down ang Coke hahaha!

That’s about it! I won’t go for details anymore. Basta yun na yun! Right now, I’m still adjusting especially sa weather na mainit, habang fan lang ang kaulayaw. But at least we’re home now and easily connected with my loving hubby, Derrick.

Lastly, I would like to thank those who visited my blogsite while I was not around. I really appreciate it! Mwah!

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  1. hey mitch,

    welcome back to the blogosphere. just wanna say you have encouraged me to make money online. i have started with it already. thanks to you!



    Goodluck! You’ll love it!


  2. Sis, i know u will get the job. And maybe in time, Deye will get adjusted too as well as you (with the weather).

    Natawa ako u just realized now na expensive ang 1.5 coke! expensive na rin yan last year nung umuwi ka but u don’t get to see it when unless u come home to stay. At least if uL cut down coke, it makes u more healthier. diba?

    Hugs to deye and regards to D. Ingat, i know things will go great for u as you planned. 🙂

    Sana nga sis…. Thanks!

    Eh kasi naman the last time, nung March 2007 P36 lang sya hehehe! Ngayon P40 na, sa labas nga P42 pa susme! Panay nga ang tubig ko ngayon hahaha!



  3. Good luck, again, on your final interview. Sa loob ba ng SBMA yan?

    Ay naku, mahal na talaga ang bilihin. I can imagine kung bakit ka naninibago. Eh kung kami nga na hindi umaalis nagugulat pa din kung minsan. What can I say? I guess, Welcome to the Philippines again..hehehe 🙂

    I hope Deye will be able to adjust to the weather and the culture here. Sabihan kita kung dadalaw kami ng Subic. Malamang sa Holy Week yan 🙂

    Yup, sa loob nga….

    Nakakagulat kasi ni wala pang one year nung umuwi akong huli tas P4 agad ang tinaas, golly!

    Sige, keep in touch ha?


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