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Just When You Think You’ve Made Your Peace with Shoes, along Comes a Pair You Don’t Have!

Ask any woman, and she’ll probably tell you that she’s had a love affair with shoes ever since her first pair of baby booties. For some, it’s a full-blown addiction. Few things in life give a woman more pleasure than wearing a new pair of shoes. Now, with so many great styles available online, the temptation to click and drool all day long at my desk is a pleasant distraction. Recently, I went on a shoe-diet, and I haven’t fallen off the wagon since, but technically, I guess you could say my wagon breaks for shoe sales!

Even with a closet full of pumps, flats and mules to choose from, I tend to wear half a dozen favorites on a regular basis, either because they’re comfy or they just seem to go with everything. Some are irreplaceable. Shoe repair is usually expensive, so you’re better off to toss them, but some are as personal to me as old friends. I just can’t bring myself to throw them out.

My real passion is boots. I start to get giddy in late summer when the new fall/winter styles come out. I like a sleek leather profile with a bit of a heel — they’re my favorite thing to wear with jeans, and when I find a pair I like, if it’s available in the same color, I go for it.

On business travel days, I opt for my buttery soft hand-made Italian sport sneakers, white with grip treads. They’re as comfortable as a ballet slipper and give just enough traction to be sensible on days when I don’t need much support. They’re a classy casual understatement, and they make me feel like I’m barefoot all day!

The comedian Jackie Gleason used to say, “No matter how broke you are, always wear an expensive pair of shoes.” Obviously, Jackie never bought shoes online.

“To the moon, Alice!”

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