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Keeping Up With My Blogs

I’m lost for words…. but I was able to update 3 of my blogs in just less than an hour:

Everything About Deye > When she woke up yesterday morning, she’s got these yellowish discharges in her eyes. She was crying out loud saying “my eyes are ouch!”. But yesterday was a Sunday, Eye Specialist Clinics were closed. I had to find a way by just washing her eyes with warm water. Not sure if what I did was right, but at least the discharges were removed from her eyes. Read more here.

When Silence Speaks > When I was around 6 years old, we used to own a tricycle. As most people say it in our language, “katas ng Saudi”. Yup, from my father’s hard earnings in Saudi Arabia, he was able to buy one. One of the oldest drivers that we had was Kuya Teryo. Read more here.

When  SAHM-one Speaks > I’m clueless what title should I use or put for this post…. The only thing I know is my daughter, at a very young age feels for me. You know, there are times when we just feel lonely. We feel the need of having someone to talk to right at that moment? Just a couple of hours ago, we were lying in bed, trying to put her to sleep when she asked me… Read more here.

Got two more updates to do for The Artist In Mitch and Cook With Mitch but I don’t have the energy to do them now… Maybe some other time.

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