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Kenkoy Dogtag Necklace ++

The moment I entered the house yesterday evening, my daughter handed me an LBC packet. It had no return address and name on it. I wondered who could’ve sent this. Right after dinner, I opened the packet and saw the black braided bracelet accessorized with pearls around it first. I was like I didn’t order anything online lately, this must be wrong. Then, comes the necklace. I stared at it for few seconds and finally I remembered Badet’s Kenkoy Dogtag giveaway!

Badet exactly knows how to make me smile. In the past transactions I had with her, she would always surprise me with bonuses apart from my orders, like jewelry pouch, a pair of earrings, a jelly pen for my daughter, a handmade jewelry box and now a bracelet that I just so love!

Prize and a gift

Thanks Badet! Sa uulitin! I’m going to wear the bracelet tomorrow and keep the necklace for my brother! Giveaways are love! I don’t think I’d get tired from joining. I hope there’s an ongoing blog contest to giveaway batteries for cell phones! Seriously, I need one!

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