Key identification

With the number of keys that I have with me, I always end up keying in the wrong one whenever I get home late, exhausted or tipsy teehee!

Two weeks ago, I went to the mall with my mom to get a netbook sleeve for her and saw the stall Key Maker something just opposite Halo.


I had the main gate and door key to our apartment duplicated with design and segregated the other bunch of keys that I have with me all the time. I will have the rest duplicated next time when there are other designs available, this way I could easily identify them.

For just Php70.00, you could have your keys duplicated and give it an extraordinary look! Next cheap thrill hunt would be a leather dyed coin purse for myself!

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  1. this is so cool.. i want to know what type of paint they use… im thinking maybe my kids and I can make our own instead of getting one. another way to bond and explore their creativity.


  2. angganda.. sana pwede din palagyan ng label – CAR, FRONT DOOR, LOCKER, etc. 😀 okay yun lalo na pag magkakasize sila halos at nakakalito mag-identify 🙂


  3. I love you keys… and the keychain of course *wink wink

    I hope there’s a store like that here so I can have our keys duplicated too with design for easier identification.


  4. I love these printed or customized keys too… I’m glad this was invented. hehehe! Very chic and artistic. It’s fairly cheap here in the states though. I guess it’s just about the same if you convert it to peso. Love your yellow zebra print key too! I have one in pink too… 🙂


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