Kiddie Mix Giveaway

Christmas is just around the corner. With all the expenses you had spent recently, I’m certain that you want something free to give your kiddos, nephews, nieces or Godchildren few weeks from now.

SAHMOne together with Kerstin’s Closet Online Shop, Pink Fortune, Carebelle BabyShoppe and Bulinggit Corner have come up to something which will make our hardworking mommies smile. We are giving away Kiddie Mix items to ONE LUCKY WINNER. Kiddie Mix Giveaway



If you feel like spreading the fun and want to post this contest on your blog, please feel free to grab this link:


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  1. Hi! this is to update you, as of the moment i only received the prizes from Bulinggit Corner and Carebelle baby shop..
    until now i am still waiting for my prize from Pink Fortune (soda lime clock) and Kerstin’s Closet Online shop ( blue and pink busha pants).. i hope to receive it this week or next week. thanks!

    Josephine Soliman Gregorio


  2. Hi Josephine! I just forwarded your shipping address to Kerstin’s Closet. According to her you did not reply to her message two weeks ago right after the giveaway was over. Anyway, she will be sending you your prizes within the week.

    Re: Pink Fortune, will give her a reminder.

    Please understand that holiday season just got over and courier companies have also been busy with Sendong transactins, thus the delays.

    Thank you for your understanding.


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