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Kids on gadgets

I have a house rule that they need to follow. No cartoons and gadgets on weekdays. But when the mom in me strikes, I give in. So yes, I am guilty your honor for medicating my kids with gadgets at times.


This happens a lot over breakfast. Just because we have this morning rush, I can’t think of anything to make them eat so I’d just give to what they like and that is watch their favorite YouTube files. Mostly are dressing up and latest song uploads.

So to keep everything balanced, and make myself feel lighter and out of guilt, I still make sure that in some other way or the other, they’d forget about their gadgets just like the day when I introduced Piko to them.

I’m positive that they’d soon get over it. If that does not happen, I’m sure they’d be responsible users. I just have to be on top of it to make it happen.

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  • Ben Francia

    I can very much relate to this! My 5 year old daughter Sabrina is obsessed with everything Barbie on YouTube. But I must say that it’s a great opportunity to introduce them to educational games that teaches basic reading and math.


  • Cara Castillo

    I have the same rule. Well the gadgets on weekend lang. the cartoons di ko mapigilan coz I have an almost 2 year old baby and my 6 year old, both super kulit. I have no yaya/helper so I need them busy when i cook and clean. Haha!

    My 6 year old naman mostly draws on weekdays. He loves his Nintendo DS, but can only play it on weekends so I catch him drawing the character in the games na lang haha


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