Wednesday is wash day at school! On this day, they get to wear what they want. I was home since yesterday for not feeling well, the girls demand that I dress them up and attend to them. I don’t mind despite feeling unwell, besides, it’s not everyday that I get to do this.

Kids' OOTD

I feel that the sandals do not match with their outfit, but what can I do, they prefer that. I guess it’s the comfort that they get from these Sugar Kids sandals. Notice the uneven toe nail polish? Those were permanent markers. The girls took advantage of the time when I was busy preparing our dinner last Monday. See how they’ve manicured themselves here.

Here’s my eldest, Deye, in her common and demure poses.

Ate Deye

And my youngest, Ishi, who loves to pose to the best that she can, with her hands on her waist most of the time.


I also had the chance to do their hairdo for today. You see, I just love to buy matching items for them, in different colors.


Since I didn’t get matching earring sets for them, I mismatched the earrings that I bought from Little Emily.



Earrings from Little Emily Shop | Hair Trinkets from the Pink Dots | Tops from Smart Buy | Leggings from Hello Kitty | Sandals from Sugar Kids

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