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A lot of my friends know that I am so fond of Hello Kitty. And I think some of my blogger friends do too. In fact my cellphone’s handle is a Hello Kitty, as well as my coffee mug teehee!

I just love Hello Kitty! No doubt! My alarm clock is also a Hello Kitty, but unfortunately there are cute items that do not suit my age any longer so I just buy them for my daughter, Derelle. At least I get to have them around me hahaha! Derelle’s feeding bottles are all Hello Kitty, her sip cups are also Hello Kitty. Hahaha! I wonder how many times I mentioned Hello Kitty in this post already LOL!

Guess what? Along with the slippers that FedEx delivered today, there was also a small pouch that came from somewhere in Manila, but I had no idea whose package it was. It was a very unfamiliar name. When I opened it, it was a:

It was for me. It was on my name, there was no note that it was for my daughter. But can you see the photo? Derelle already claimed it was hers hahaha! And she wouldn’t give it back to me. Anyway, so who could that anonymous sender be? Think…. think…. think…. Aha! Yesterday, someone asked for my address, an online buddy but she said that she’s planning to visit Subic. And because I trust her, I gave it to her. I immediately checked if she was online, and gotcha! When I asked her she laughed and said…. “Hahaha! Ambilis naman! Andyan na agad?”

Thanks Iris for making me smile today! I really appreciate it! Mwah!! But sad to say, it doesn’t belong to me anymore. I can’t even touch it hahaha! See, because of your thoughtfulness, you received more blessings today… Again, congrats! Talk to you on Monday!

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