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Lasik Eye Surgery Update

It’s been two weeks since I had my Lasik Eye Surgery. I had been eyeglasses free for 14 days already and could say now that it was a successful one! Let me share with you my experience and precautions after the surgery:

  • I have religiously taken the eye drop medicines for a week and from time to time use the lubricant whenever I feel dryness in my eyes.
  • I still have red spots on both my eyes which is normal.
  • I had a clear vision from far a day after the surgery.
  • My vision gets clearer everyday on the first week after the surgery. As of last week, I could see my computer with no struggles. However, I still get blurry vision for seconds which is also normal according to Dr. Archie.
  • My eyes have become sensitive to brightness, which made me understand why people who had undergone this kind of surgery are advised to wear sunglasses for protection.
  • No eye make-up for a week.
  • No washing of eyes for a week. I only wipe them with clean cotton cloth.

Bottomline is, I am now free from eyeglasses and could work with no hassles. I can now play with my girls without having to worry about my eyeglasses from breaking. I can now play with my eyeshadows and show off my fully made up eyes. Best of all, I can now wear my sunglasses without having to put my contact lenses on. What a great relief isn’t it?

It’s supposed to be my follow up check up tomorrow but had to prioritize a school event of my daughter. Mommy duties first before anything else.

Interested? Grab a pen and note these details down:


Dr. Archie Agahan performs Lasik Surgery in:

QC Eye Center
Saturday A.M.
Anita Building Quezon Avenue
corner Timog Avenue

Manila Vision Correction Center (MVCC)
Saturday P.M.
3rd Floor, Robinson’s Place
Manila, Pedro Gil Wing

For more info about his clinic schedule/s, you may call (+632) 5023166. Or let me know so I can refer you to him. Otherwise, subscribe to and standby for an awesome deal! Yes, you’ve read it right! We learned from Dr. Archie himself that would be featuring a deal on QC Eye Centerand MVCC Standard Lasik this coming December valued at Php65,000 for50% off – at Php32,500. Watch out for it! Otherwise, if you are eager to have alasik eye surgery before December, you may contact Dr. Achie and just mention that you were referred by Mitch and Iris.

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