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Le’Drea bags are love!

My newest favorite local brand for bags, Le’Drea Bags!! I always have this second thought when purchasing bags online. They can be deceiving at times, and not to forget the cost of each bag plus the SF to get to your place. I’m surprised that they cater wholesale prices to non-sellers at 50% off for a minimum of 3pcs per transaction. So there, grabbed the chance and enjoyed 50% off of these 4 items.

I got two for me (the first two), 1 for mom Francia Naval Cortez (cream) and 1 for Ate Rosemarie Tating (grey sling). Not bad for Php680-Php700 (before discount) each. Good quality and a very accommodating seller. 

Visit their FB Page They are currently holding an online giveaway to 10 lucky winners/followers. Each of the lucky 10 will receive either pink or blue Ellery Stripes Bucket Bag. Winners will be announced on July 23, 2017. It’s the same as the black stripes that I purchased from them. I tell you, it’s nice and has enough room to keep your things.

Click HERE and see how you can join. If you can’t wait to buy them, visit their website HERE.

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