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Let Me Count The Days

Let me count the ways days… Waaaaaaaaaaah! I’m really feeling lonely at home. My 2Ds are still in India. Some would say that I am over-reacting or exaggerated. But hey! When you’re used to be with them, see them everyday, hear their voices, kiss them good morning and goodbye – it’s really hard to live alone even for just 10 days. I’m just so used to our daily routine and activities.

Last Saturday, I came online to chat with them. As soon as Deye saw me on came, she said Mama, hiiiiii! Believe me I was teary eyed and Derrick noticed that. Knowing him, I thought that he’d tease me, but when I told him I’m missing Deye sooooooo much, he just said “siempre”, that was the exact word that he typed by the way. 😉

Going back to the subject, they’ll be here on Monday and that is 6 days from now *sigh*.

Please allow me to change the topic, I’d rather show you my fave photo taken during my stay there:

What do you say? Cute eh? :p

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  • sunshineforlife

    panu yan nakuha nasa unahan kayo at si deye nasa likod pa? and it looks like she’s not gonna follow u…parang may plano sya mag detour. hehehee

    Karga kasi sya dyan ng lolo, kaya nauna na kami ni D eh siguro nagpababa tas kinunan nila ng picture hehe!


  • mk

    anlaki laki na ni deye. parang matanda na alam kung san pupunta ah, hehehe at ansuot ha, daring, hihihi love her hairstyle, cno nahg-ayos?

    Naku! Malikot masyado at madaldal! Syempre sino pa eh di ako hihihi!


  • feng

    at tama bang mauna pa kayo kay Deye ha? kidding aside, ganda ng photo na yan, parang: “hoy mommy and daddy, wait for me! ah ayaw nyo ha, pasyal na nga lang ako dito, hmp!”

    Kaya nga nacute-an ako! Hihihi!


  • Kongkong622

    Sexy naman ni Deye!! Kala ko si D ang nag-ayos ng hairdo. Di ba siya ang official hairdresser ni Deye 🙂

    Not when I’m around… hehehe!


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