Let me count the ways days… Waaaaaaaaaaah! I’m really feeling lonely at home. My 2Ds are still in India. Some would say that I am over-reacting or exaggerated. But hey! When you’re used to be with them, see them everyday, hear their voices, kiss them good morning and goodbye – it’s really hard to live alone even for just 10 days. I’m just so used to our daily routine and activities.

Last Saturday, I came online to chat with them. As soon as Deye saw me on came, she said Mama, hiiiiii! Believe me I was teary eyed and Derrick noticed that. Knowing him, I thought that he’d tease me, but when I told him I’m missing Deye sooooooo much, he just said “siempre”, that was the exact word that he typed by the way. šŸ˜‰

Going back to the subject, they’ll be here on Monday and that is 6 days from now *sigh*.

Please allow me to change the topic, I’d rather show you my fave photo taken during my stay there:

What do you say? Cute eh? :p

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