We’ve sorted out the clothes that we wear from the ones that we don’t use anymore. We’ve found numbers of jeans lying inside our closet unused for years now. Like me, my husband wears jeans at all times unless he’s required to wear formal. But that only happens occasionally.

While we were sorting out our clothes, I told him that he should get at least 2 pairs of new jeans. He said that we don’t get good ones here in Bahrain and he’s planning to get somebody buy for him from India or Philippines. I told him that I will search for some good and fashionable ones in the internet and who knows I could get at least a pair for him. Say, a gift from me to him… 😉

I suddenly remember what my friend has told me about the latest nudie jeans from Tobi’s Fashion. The moment my friend mentioned about it, my naughty mind asked “what does nudie mean here?” I googled it and here’s what I found:

Nudie > Classy jeans trademark from Sweden. started in 2001. Makes your ass look as good as it can possibly do.

As soon as I got the definition, I immediately went to Tobi’s Fashion site and looked for women’s section too. Hmmmm… they’ve got good items so far and I’m eying for seven for all mankind vivian crop jeans. But at the moment, the price is not within my budget. Too bad! I might just have to wait till they go on sale. 😉