Have you ever tried getting a life insurance quote online? I haven’t yet but seriously planning to. The fact that my husband & I are not getting any younger, we are really considering of getting for ourselves. But of course, I want a clear understanding of what benefits we could get from it. I’ve read somewhere that:

Life insurance may provide an income tax-free death benefit far in excess of the premiums paid. However, much of the life insurance proceeds may be wasted if the ownership and beneficiary designations are not properly structured.

I believe this is based on what types of life insurance one has. I have discussed this matter with my husband and he’s 90% convinced of the life insurance my friend had been offering me. But still I told him to check on more information like Insurance Information Exchange. Doing your homework doesn’t hurt anyway, it actually helps you decide even better especially when it is involving money. We can’t afford a part of our hard earned money go wasted. Besides no one said that getting a life insurance quote online is a violation in case you decide not to get one. I guess each one of us has the right to choose a life insurance with a great policy that fits our needs at a very affordable rate.

Mitch Carvalho

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