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LifeTimeShares: Was it really a scam or just upgrading?

Just last week, I joined LifeTimeShares and able to make a little profit share from it. Besides, few of the bloggers that I personally know had made money from it already. With that, I was also able to convince 3 more blogger friends to sign up under me.

Few days later, we experienced glitches like we couldn’t log in the site and the like. Two of my downlines didn’t get the chance to view the stats of their purchased shares. It was posted on their FB Page that they were doing updates. Yesterday, I tried logging in again and site was no longer available and getting redirected to

Was it really a scam or are they just upgrading? Either of the two, my best advise w0uld be “Invest only the amount that you are willing to lose“. Whether it was or not, I’ve already filed a dispute on PayPal and see if I’d be able to get the amount that I paid for this. In the meantime, I will have to find out if there such on AlertPay so I may be able to help my downlines get their money back.

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  • Sarah

    i have invested at their minimum rate and when i was able to get a profit, I reinvested for one more share. and yes, the next time i logged in, it was redirected to another site.:( i used paypal. though it was very little but i hope we were not was my first time to do something like that online and if it happened to be a scam (hope not!), then my first will be a bad experience.:((


    Mitchteryosa Reply:

    I also used PayPal the first time and the rest of the shares I purchased were all from the profit that I made.

    I’m still hoping it’s not a scam. But if it was, well, then let’s just be more cautious next time.


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