Linggo ng Wika 2011

This school year, there was no special programme held at my daughter’s school for the Linggo ng Wika celebration instead they were asked to come up to something to teach our little learners how to set up a table using our own native stuff. It does not need to be extravagant and costly but enough to show each one’s creativity. Our little learners were divided into groups, assisted by their parents. Since I won’t be able to attend, I requested my mom to be actively involving herself in this activity, but of course I was a part of the planning.

That Saturday, while we were checked in in the Court Meridian, I was chatting with Ate Pen, Francis’s mom and we spoke about what food to serve and what table stuff to use. So we decided that native and not so common food be served that day i.e. Suman, which I asked my aunt to make for me, hilaw na mangga at bagoong, minatamis na saging, inihaw na isda and many more. I also lent them my 7 year old native abaka placemat matched with a table napkin and a shell holder, my aunt’s wooden plates and bowls were also used, Ate Pen’s husband was so kind enough to cut a big bamboo and turned them into native tumblers.

In short, here’s our group had made so far:

Linggo ng Wika: Table Setting

It was supposed to be a competition but because of small issues raised by other parents, for having the learners in our group wear their native clothes which I think is simply accessorizing what we already have, there was no winning group announced. For whatever reason they had, well, we were still the winner obviously because the mechanics was all about table setting and I believe we had shown the best among the rest of the groups.

Please don’t mind my daughter’s frowning face here. She was not in the mood because they forgot her bakya at home. Notice the pair of fitflops she was wearing. Indeed a modern little dalagang Filipina hahaha!

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