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When I was still new to blogging, I first thought that link ex was “link exposure” LOL! I remember someone left a message in my shoutbox saying “care to ex link?” But I didn’t pay attention to that until I finally learned that it was some kind of exchanging blog links. Since it’s so “in”, I went with the flow and even added a separate page in my blog just for that.

As days passed by, blog links from different people have been added, until I found the list too long already. So I asked helped from Yen about the scroll thingy. Glad I did it! Heehee! It’s fun to exchange links but irritating at times when people ask you to do such, only to find out later on that they have not added you yet (to think you already added 2 or more of their blog links). Unfair huh? Oh well, I don’t pay too much attention on these issues, I just had to mention it so that other people doing the same would realize that somehow you also make people feel bad by not reciprocating their kind gesture.

Anyway, these past days I have added a few more in my blogroll. Those who have participated in the recent meme that I’ve started. I enjoyed reading some of their posts already, and they’ve been so kind enough to leave some comments and messages in my blog. That’s why I’m thinking if there are blog roll sort of link exchange found on the Internet. With the help of ever reliable Mr. Google, I think I found something “ – FREE Blog Roll TEXT Link Exchange.(1:10)“. I’ve already signed up but I have yet to figure how it works. We’ll see…

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