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A friend came over last night to see me before I go. If I am not mistaken, the last time I’ve seen her was just  a couple of months ago, yet she already changed a lot. Meaning,k she gained a lot of weight. I pulled her leg and teased her that she should get rid of her fats especially that she’s soon to join a prestige Cruise Liners that travels all over the states of America.

I told her to have a liposuction done in Vicky Belo Medical Clinic in the Philippines when she goes home. I presented myself to accompany her if she feels shy to go there alone, anyway, I’ll be there back home by that time, for sure.

Not sure if she took it seriously because she said that she’d rather have a liposuction in Los Angeles when she gets there. Oh? Well, I’ll find out next week when we meet again hahaha!

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