I just could not exactly recall but I am sure I’ve read somewhere online that “listening to music while working seems to impair task concentration as well as the ability to remember”. In my case, it’s the other way around.

I noticed this back in my High School days when I had to cram and memorize lines in prep for the exam the next day. I am not the type of student who would daily scan her notes with or without exam the following day. I would only review my notes when it’s needed and I do it during wee hours when everyone is asleep in the household.

I tried both scenes. With music off, my mind tend to get the opportunity to wander somewhere else instead of focusing on what I have to do. Weird eh? With music on, particularly mellow and blues songs, my mind get more lively and cooperative. Well, I don’t really pay attention to what is currently playing. I just need to hear something else aside from silence.

I did and practiced the same habit during College. In short, I work more effectively with music on.Until now, I do the same. I keep a music library in my computer, songs are saved as per the type of music or artist, and play them alternately in a minimum volume while I work, may it be at home or in the office. I am glad that my officemates who are seated near me do not object to my type of music haha!

Oh! I almost forgot, I also need something to munch on to keep me going. Ask Gaylee, she knows me well haha!



Mitch Carvalho

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