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Little Shopper

I can tell, she’s a shopaholic! And she knows what she wanted! I took her to the mall. I was actually looking for a “doll in a box” that she’s been asking for. But I first saw this rubber shoes that is matching her new jeans, so I thought of getting her one. I first asked her the “Barbie” doll shoes. Guess what she said? “Ayaw, panget!”. Okay, that was out!

Then, here comes “Doya”… She meant Dora… She didn’t like it too. She told the sales lady who was helping her out “ouch”! But when she saw the lights coming from the shoes, she didn’t want to remove it at all. And I had to pay for it because she won’t leave it! So instead of keeping the new pair of shoes in the box, we kept the pair of what she was wearing when we came in.

I was ready to find the “doll in a box” when she saw this jelly shoes along the way. I saw her grabbed one, the red one with the flower on top of it. And told me as I stopped “I tiyay!” That’s how it sounded like…. I tiyay! Oh! My little girl wanted to try it hahaha! Okay, your wish is my command! She tried and tried and tried and tried till we got what she wanted… I’ll try to post a photo tomorrow. Again, she didn’t remove the jelly shoes, and kept previous one in the bag instead.

It was running late, so I decided to take her to Jollibee. She loves Jollibee more than McDo. While we were there, she asked my mom to “yemove” her jelly shoes and wear “Doya” again. As I was coming to the table, she was already wearing “Doya”.

Look! It doesn’t match her dress at all! But what can I do, she insisted…. *sigh*

Trivia : That’s her first Jollibee photo encounter. :p 

I also bought 6 pairs of house clothes for her. Yep, she’s growing too fast! I remember buying some new sets for her too 2 months ago.

After the shoes’ shopping galore, I went to check Mediacom in Odyssey. As we were entering, I already saw Barney and Dora’s DVDs, and I felt it already. I was right, she went straight to that stand and got her Doya.

How could I resist? She’s the reason why we are working hard anyway… 😉

Mitch Carvalho


  • haze

    At least she knows what she wants ! Smart kid 😉 ! I think Barbie isn’t IN anymore. Sikat na si DORA talaga sarap mag shopping 😀 !

    haze’s last blog post..Convalescence


  • analyse

    aw, marunong na. with louna, she’s still in the playtime mode when she’s in the mall. she’s not even looking at shoes or clothes.. pero pag napadaan na sa books, ayan, uupuan nya na talaga at magba-browse na sya ng books.. and then, ayaw na ring iwanan.. but she’s always with dora so she end up not buying anything at all kasi meron na sa bahay.. di naman ,nagwawala kaya ok lang hehe..

    mitch, favor naman, hirap kasi ako dito sa message board mo, the background is burgundy tapos yung fonts e gray, it’s really hard for me to visualize, so mali spelling, kasalanan ng message board mo hehe..kindly change color naman 😉

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  • Mama Mitch

    She only becomes maligalig kapag ang cover ng books ay Barney, otherwise wala syang paki. But when she sees shoes and slippers, ay talaga naman! May ugali pa syang pag pinasukat mo ayaw na huhubadin kaya dapat yung bibilhin lang ang ipapasukat kasi magkakaron ng eksena sa tindahan hahaha!

    Re : Message board, whew! I finally was able to change the message form background color wahahaha! Di ko na kasi alam kung nasaan dati kaya di ko machange.

    Sorry about that, kasalanan ng di ko mapakali kamay hahaha!


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