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Long Day? Night? Errr! Whatever!

Yesterday Last night has been the most stressful day that I had so far (well, since I came). Last night, I started with my homebased job, full time and I started at 10pm. Prior to that I was also up since morning and wasn’t able to sleep even for an hour. You know when your little boss is up and running around, there’s no way you can sleep. Besides, I have to make up for the lost time everytime I sit in front of my PC.

At around 3am, I decided to take a break, I can’t stand it anymore. I was sooooooooo sleepy! I laid down until… our Project Manager called my cell phone maybe wondering where I was. I canceled the call, I think I was still half asleep. When I was finally back to myself, I looked at the wall clock…. OMG! It was almost 6am. Waaaaaaah! I felt so shy. It was my first night and yet….

I made it up anyway. From 6am, I worked over time until 12nn. Finished all the tasks given to me. I just wish that my phone will be okay by tonight so I can make some calls.

Working graveyard so far is okay with me, it’s just that I’m still not used to it. For the first two weeks I had to adjust to Philippine time, and after sometime again I have to get used of another timing. However, it’s very convenient coz my daughter is fast asleep during these hours. But you know what I miss most? Our cuddling moments at night. I don’t get to hug her anymore… I miss her foot lying on my face…. I miss her hugs…. I miss those moments.

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