So you’re moving to another state or city, and it’s going to take your hours to get there. Just the journey on the road alone will make you want to get some snacks ready and some creature comforts like a neck pillow and throw to maybe get some sleep as well. But what about the actual moving? This begins with your things. The items that you hold dear have to be moved with care and that requires planning. The longer the journey, the more that could go wrong. So you need to do this kind of planning to make sure you don’t lose anything and can move into your home in one smooth faultless transition.

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Ready for the unseen You never know if you are going to be moving in one whole journey, or if you will need to make a couple of trips. Your moving company might have difficulties with the number of workers they have, especially during the pandemic we’re currently in, or they might just have issues such as not having enough trucks on the day of the move. So, use a Self Storage service whereby you can store some items which can be picked up later. The service is great because it’s secure and the items are never touched by anyone other than you. No one working for the company can go into your storage unit, and they have CCTV cameras, alarm systems, and security guards on the premises.

The larger items first On the day of the move, make sure that your larger items are ready to be moved first. This way you can know how much room each delivery truck will have left. You can and should take measurements of your things so that you can warn the company you hire of the dimensions you are dealing with for your sofa, tables, and desks, etc. The larger items can also be photographed for the moving company, so they can see what kind of materials for packing they will need. Do they need to bring a different kind of dolly for a heavier item? Do they need to bring additional wrapping material? Taking photographs can really give the employees a heads up and save a lot of time.

Plan the journey The last thing you want is for your moving day to become a disaster on the way to your new home. So, plan the journey with the moving company. Allowing their drivers to take a short break, stretch their legs, get a cup of coffee, and switch drivers, is a great idea. Inform them that you’re okay with taking a few stops on the way if the trip is close to or over a hundred miles. Keep track of the traffic updates and inform the drivers that you want to take a different route if you spot a better way forward. The more time you save the more time you will have to unpack and get comfortable in your new home.

Long-distance moves are very tiresome and they require a lot of prudent planning. You can save time by showing your movers what kind of items they will be dealing with before they arrive.

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