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Just a week ago when my nephew Aikhel needed a blood donor, I told my cousin that I am willing to donate. I slept early that night, conditioned myself the next morning, had a glass of milk coz I was confident that I’d pass the screen test. From home, I went straight to the room where Aikhel was admitted, took the blood request form and found myself in the Blood Bank office after a while. I approached the Med tech nicely and looks like she was convinced without even checking my weight teehee! Then my nurse friend came and handed over the form with more or less 15 questions to be answered. When I reached the question no. 4, it asked me “Nasubukan mo na bang magdonate pero tinanggihan ka, bakit?”

Then I remembered when my cousin needed 2 bags of blood too. Of course, I encircled “hindi” as my answer, the Med Tech saw it right away and asked me what the reason was. I said I was underweight that time. She then asked me to check my weight first. OMG! It was down to 51kgs! I remember I weighed 55kgs a month back.

Went back to the room and told my cousins about it, they all laughed at me, teasing me it could be the natural fat burner that I was talking about a month ago haha! Secret!

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