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Sssshhhh! My ex-boyfriend doesn’t even have an idea about this contest. But I’m sure he’ll come to know about it…. He reads my blog once in a while…

So, what is this Love Struck Writing Contest all about? I would suggest that you visit and read her blog to get the exact details, and feel free to join… if you wish to…

I have blogged a little about our love story on how we ended up together, I think sometime in June 2007. I entitled it “Two Weeks”. Why? How? Please read along…

We met in October 1999. “Signs of madness about me” (Bwahahaha! Conceited!) were shown in November 1999. It was already approaching December 1999 when he finally appointed his “tulay” to ask me out. Very Filipino way ba? I was set-up. He had actually surveyed about me. My fave. My kind of stuff etc… His “tulay” approached me one day “Day, mag-live band tayo”. I said “Talaga Kuya? Kelan?” Tulay said “Sa Linggo. Magsama ka ng mga “babae” sa accommodation niyo”. I did. Maybe four of them called it’s a date. It was all planned. Sunday came. One by one, they called me giving their excuses “di ako makakasama” blah blah blah. Until…. He called me in the office and said “I hope you could come for the evening”. I was like “what are you talking about?” He said “Tulay didn’t tell you?” I replied “He said we were going out to see a live band, but I didn’t know you were also coming with us” hehehe! Ayun! Na-set-up ako! Tulay said if no one is coming, he won’t be coming. I insisted, if no one is joining us, no way! Ayun na, umandar na ang pagkadalagang Pilipina kuno hahaha! That night, “tulay” became a “chaperone” for hours. We went to see a movie first and “tulay” seated in the middle, I made him sit there actually hehehe!

In short, my-now-husband courted me “our way”, the Filipino way. But long courtship was an exemption. (You must be wondering why I had to emphasized “the Filipino way”, he’s an Indian that’s why. He embraced my culture in the name of love, oh well, we both did!)

December 11, 1999. That’s our official “steadies” anniversary. It took us five years before we decided to get married – November 4, 2004. So, basically the courtship just took “two weeks to be exact. So, to whoever said that relationships that had gone through “short courtship” do not last, excuse me? You are definitely wrong!

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Since “tulay” played a big role in our love story, we made him our “ninong” as promised… I promised him that if we ended up together, he’ll be our “ninong”.

There you go, that was the start of our colourful relationship. But of course, just like the other couples, we, too, had our rough times. We were officially off for 4 months sometime in 2002, but please excuse me, if I can’t share it here any more. The most important and best part is that we’ve both learned from that experience. We learned that forgiveness and second chances could help couples know their purpose? How? We know. We’ve been there. And that purpose will explain how 1+1 became 3.

Oh! By the way, who do you think was love struck 8 years ago??? Let Lauren tell us then…

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