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For most of our lives, we live in reality and never allow our desires to overtake us. But sometimes, it’s nice to do a little blue-sky thinking and consider what our lives would be like if our homes had some genuine luxe features in them. 

In this post, we run down some of the upgrades and improvements we all secretly want in our lives. 

Chef’s Kitchen – But Without The Stainless Steel

Most of us don’t cook a great deal. But when we do, we want the space to do it properly. 

Old-fashioned kitchen designs, however, never really left us with enough space to deck them out how we’d like. There’s just not enough space for all the tools and equipment. 

At the same time, we don’t want a commercial kitchen either. All that stainless steel. No thanks. 

Companies like Bellriver Homes showcase the kind of designs that modern buyers want. They’re stylish, but they also provide enough space for all the implements you need. Some even have separate refrigerators and freezers for extra storage. 

Tech Built Into The Walls

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Many of today’s luxury homes might have traditional styling, but that doesn’t mean they’re stuck in the past. Modern buyers are looking for old-fashioned aesthetics combined with ultra-high-tech integrations. We’re talking voice-controlled showers, toilets that tell you about your health, and wine cellars that send regular updates to your smartphone. 

Designer Clothes Suite

Imagine being able to walk into your own private designer clothes suite. Well, in many luxury homes, you can. These cubby holes attach to the bedroom and provide a secret area where you can neatly rack all your perfectly-pressed shirts. They also offer additional storage space for shoes, shoe horns, ties, blouses, and whatever else you happen to keep in your collection.

Luxury Bathrooms

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If you’ve never experienced a genuinely luxury bathroom before, you’re missing out. Upgrading this room is one of the most life-enhancing things you can do. 

What form does a super loo take? Well, for starters, there’s no ugly shower cubicle. Instead, the shower is built into the very fabric of the room, allowing you to slip in and out with ease, without dragging a puddle of water over the floor. 

These bathrooms also have underfloor heating – a feature that’s most welcome. And they offer mood lighting that can perk you up in the morning, or help you get ready for bed in the evening

Indoor-Outdoor Balcony Gym

Imagine having an indoor-outdoor balcony gym where you could train while surveying the beautiful countryside. Sounds good, doesn’t it? 

Well, it turns out that a lot of high-end luxury homes now have this feature. You can stroll on your stroller while watching the sun go down outside your bi-folding doors. 

Movie Parlor No luxury home would be complete without a movie parlor. Here you could host your own private screenings to a select group of guests and even use flash reveal drapes like they used to have in real picture houses

Have any of these ideas whetted your appetite? 

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