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LyCo’s Mentholated Balm and a Cute Pen Massager

Lately, I have been feeling ill, getting strong palpitations combined with a terrible headache down to my nape. Diagnosis? High Cholesterol. Okay, I was not surprised! Two years ago, I was also diagnosed with the same problem and took 10mg Simvastatin for a while. I know, I didn’t take it religiously but cut down from eating rice last year resulting to a weight loss. All the while, I thought I was okay because I lost weight the way I wanted it, from 63kgs down to 55kgs.

Two weeks ago, since I didn’t have an Internet connection, I grabbed the chance to go for my long overdue check-up and was advised to rest for at least 5 days, so that I could take a break from using the computer, too. Those 5 days helped me recovered, was able to get the much needed sleep that I was lacking, but I guess this headache has decided to live with me forever. Good thing I have this mentholated balm which somehow relieves me from time to time (apart from the prescribed 40mg Simvastatin). I love its mild minty scent compared to other balms available in the market, making you cry when inhaled and applied. Its consistency is also perfect as it does not leave a greasy and sticky feeling. By the way, I got this from LyCo Shop.

Look what I’ve also found at the stationery section in SM Olongapo!!? A cute pen masssager! Yes, it’s a pen! I got it for Php29.75 only. Very handy and it works really well! How does it work? Just simply roll the green thingy on the part where you need a massage.

A perfect match with my mentholated balm! I don’t need to bother my girls in giving me a quick head massage.

Too bad when I checked SM Olongapo again, it was no longer available. I just thought it will be a perfect gift to some of my friends this coming Christmas. Who knows it might come with a mentholated balm!  But hey, why wait for my gift when you can purchase from LyCo Shop right away? *wink* Check their FB and IG accounts below.

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