Making Ends Meet

There was a time when I also experienced overhead expenses resulting to zero remittance for my family back home. I had to rely on loans with interest that makes my debt more worst. But this only happened since I got married, I have set priorities for my own family already though my immediate family still count on me. I really don’t mind, as long as I have something to share with them.

Thank goodness for paid blogging. I was able to send money to my family this month, actually… just this morning from PayPal to Xoom. I first knew about this through a problogging buddy but never paid attention to it coz I was not into paid blogging yet, at that time.

Last week, I was thinking on how do I withdraw the funds from my friend’s PayPal without bothering her to go to the bank and collect the money, then send it back to me. I feel shy to ask for more favors you know… Last night, I saw the Xoom advertisement in TFC on TV and checked it this morning online. And that was it!

I chose the door to door delivery option of course, no hassle. But there are service charges. That’s fine with me, really. It’s just like sending money through Western Union. At least there’s no need to get my father go to the bank and collect the money.

I’m really grateful to whoever thought about paid blogging first. I could now make our ends meet… and enjoy writing at the same time. How good is that?

By the way, this is not a paid post hahaha! :p Just blogging about how convenient it is to send money online.

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  1. thanks for the information of convenience. might do do this sending thing in the soon future.

    alam mo, malapit na akong ma tempt dito dyan sa pro-blogging == maybe will chat with you about it – one day. 😀

    Welcome sis… Sure!


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