Mama, Where Is????

As soon as we got home last week, she started asking and demanding for so many things like looking for hot water. Hahaha! On our first day, I had to give her a wash when we got home and I didn’t bother to boil some water for her. The water was cold obviously. She screamed like hell and said “Mama, hot aterrrrrrrr!” Nyahahaha! Boiling water now is a part of my routine.

Two days after, I decided to buy a wall fan instead to minimize the space consumption in our bedroom. Then I asked her, where’s the fan? She looked up right to the ceiling hahaha! She was right actually, coz she got used of the ceiling fan that we had in Bahrain.

The same day I bought her a box of Chocolait coz she loves chocolate drink, I find it too expensive though and I think she didn’t like the taste, arteng bata! Today, I bought 2 liters of Cowhead Chocolate Drink to try. Guess what? She finished two bottles (that makes 16oz) before she went to sleep.

She was also asking for chocolates this morning, that’s why I bought some packs from the duty free and kept them in the fridge just in case. Well, I don’t give her much, only if she asks. Otherwise, she won’t stop bugging me.

I’ll tell you more about “where is” moments in the house hahaha!

Mitch Carvalho

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  1. Pano kung “Where is Papa?” ang tanong 😀

    Ay alam na nya yan, Dada is gone to get money to buy dolls, and toys, and didi, and chakit (chocolates) and baby, I don’t know what she meant by baby hahaha!


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