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My cousins call me “manang”. If I see my female cousins wearing not-so-nice-dress (well, for me) I tell them, you look like a “pokpok” or I’d tell them “sana di ka na nagdamit”.

But those were the days…. I just think and tell myself maybe it’s because of the fashion trend nowadays, that’s why they were such revealing clothes.

Would you believe there was a time in my teen years that I don’t even expose my arms nyahahaha! I would always wear tops with sleeves. Ever since I tried wearing sleeveless, I loved it! But still, I don’t wear spag straps, well I can but only at home.

Every time I’d go downtown with my husband in Bahrain, he would point to sexy tops and tell me, “that would look nice on you”. I’d say no way! Hahaha!

I only remember wearing a sexy top with a plunging neckline that showed off my cleavage (as if I have nyahahaha) and there was this “arabiana” who told me that’s not the proper dress to wear here. Amp! Minsan ka na lang pasexy nasita pa hahaha! Then my husband consoled me because I really took it personally, “there are Arabianas who wear worst than what you just wore, don’t mind her” he said. Even my mom tells me the same thing, she would always say if my built is as slim as yours, I’d buy those tops hahaha! Well, call me “Manang” but I want to keep something for my husband… Naks! You can be sexy naman even if you don’t wear revealing clothes. It’s just how you carry yourself and the dresses that you wear, right? But wait, I have nothing against people who wear sexy clothes, maybe I’m just comfortable with what I wear. So don’t take it personally hokey??? Defensive eh? Hahaha!

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  • arlene

    dpende yon sa tao sis. i started wearing sleeveless publicly in 2001 only and i still do now even when my arms are 3 times bigger than yours or anyone sexy but i don’t care. am comfy with what i wore. ok lang ang arms huwag lang yong sa loob or the cleavage kasi wala eh. even if kahit meron, bt i don’t think ill be “in” for hate.

    i don’t like dimple. she does not like sleevless publicly. i do want her to wear sth sexy but she does not like. she always wear it with blouses like blazers. i always tell her na if katawan ko ang katawan nya id really go sexy. hahahaha

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