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That was the title of MMK tonight’s episode. Haaaaay! KC made me cry. I can relate to some parts of the story. She’s good! Ambilis umiyak. I really love her angelic face and the way she talks, napakalumanay. Gandang babae talaga! She’s more of Gabby’s face but there are angles na Shawie din ang dating.

Anyway, the story tells about a teenager who has almost everything, a yaya, driver, car at 19, name it, she has it! Until a tragic vehicular accident happened to her parents. Everything they had went in a snap. Their business went bankrupt. It was actually going down before her father died, but he never told anyone about it. To cut the story short, they lost everything including the mansyon. She almost lost her mother too! Good thing she made her realized that life does not stop there. You know, the typical scene when someone dies, you feel like you don’t want to live a life anymore.

And syempre may pampakilig sa story, the guy who stood by her, si Fafa Derek Ramsay hihihi! Ang ending, they lost the house, their business, properties but at least she was able to save her family from drifting apart (In the beginning of the story kasi the brother was leaving para daw bawas problema, haller!!! Tapos etong mother naman pasaway din!), kasama na dun si Derek. Typical story of a rich teenager na walang alam but was able to survive at her lowest point. Why did I say I can relate to some parts of the story? I’m not rich by the way. I wasn’t. But I could say we were well off. We had something to spend for our “luho”. I was one of the luckiest ones who made it to one of the Universities in Manila. But didn’t graduate due to an unfortunate event, that was when my dad lost his job. Just like KC in the story, I was the one who carried the load for years (slight na lang ngayon hehehe!). My brother was in his 6th grade when it happened. My mom is just a plain housewife who never experienced working – at all. So imagine the pressure. Plus my dad got sick. The bills. Everyday expenses. Everything. Everything at that time was on me. There were times papasok ako sa trabaho with my stomach empty. Yung tipong you only have enough money coins to pay for your jeepney fare. There were times when I didn’t have money to spend for my lunch at work. But I was blessed, kasi I had officemates who had shared their baons with me. Kakain ka pero syempre aabutin ka ng hiya, so ang nangyayari you would only eat a little thinking and hoping to fill your stomach when you get home. Pero sorry na lang kasi when you get home, walang pagkain kasi walang pera. I had lost all my jeweleries too without them knowing it. Ubos lahat! Namahinga sa pawnshops hehehe! But you know what, I did survive. WE survived. If there’s one thing that KC touched my heart, that was when she said, “you’ll find your strength at your lowest point“. Very true! Anyway, ang lamang ko lang kay KC dun sa story, my dad is alive and our house is still with us… Just like her, happy ending din ang aking lovestory! We’ll talk about that later…

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