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Maped Plastic Crayons

After convincing Deye to just go for the Barbie coloring book (Php499) instead of getting a Barbie doll (Php999 the cheapest) which just gets noticed for 24 hours, I had to keep my promise to also get her a new set of crayons.


We went to National Bookstore and these Maped plastic crayons caught me! Plastic crayons?

Maped Plastic Crayons

These crayons are known to be ergonomic, clean, long lasting and easy to sharpen. I am also amazed by the way the colors are named, they are not just the ordinary color names i.e. red. Baby blue was named bubble blue. Catchy eh?

Aside from that, both the ends can be used for coloring.

Coloring end

Coloring end

There’s more to it! It can be erased and easily sharpened! I think these crayons have all the qualities every mom would look for their child’s crayon requirements!

Maped crayon Features

The shape is also not as ordinary as the common crayons that we see in the market.

Crayon shape

For Php165 for a set of 24 crayons, definitely worth the buy! Up to this hour, Deye is still busy coloring! That gives me the time to finish my online tasks! I’m glad Ishi dozed off earlier today!

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