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Meeting The Deadline

You must be wondering and asking “Where the hell is Mitch? How come there are no fresh posts in her blog?”

Well, I’m trying to meet my deadlines…. Huwaaaaaaah! Kakadugo ng utak! I have two assignments right now, one is due on Thursday while the other one is before I finally leave Bahrain:

  1. Online assignments – of course I’ll get paid by doing that. :p
  2. Home assignments – mainly packing of our stuff which I have not started yet. *sigh*

At least I was able to finish two of my online assignments today, emptied my office drawers and copied some files from my PC hehehe! You’ll never know when you need them so better be ready and get myself organized.

Don’t worry my ever loyal readers, I’ll be here… posting memes and pictures hunts maybe hahahaha!

Okay sige na, winding up….


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