Around March this year, Gaylee and I along with our Regional Manager traveled to Bangkok for VIV Asia 2011. We stayed at Merisses Hotel in Sukhumvit 16 for 4 days and 3 nights. We have reserved a DeLuxe Suite for both of us but when I saw our Regional Manager’s suite on the night we arrived, it had a small living room, kitchen and a dining area. We thought it’s much better so we approached the guy at the Reception who happened to be the nephew of the Hotel owner if we could transfer and upgrade our suite to a Premier Suite. They said they’ll have to check first if there’s one available. That same night we were upgraded to the said suite at no additional cost.

Merisses Hotel Sukhumvit 16

The room was just perfect for us. There’s a stand alone bath tub that we never used coz we always had to rush in the morning to get on time to the Conference. There’s a free wifi access which was important to us. There’s also a convenience store nearby where we get our food stuff and “drinks” every night, attached to Food Land, a fast food restaurant open 24 hours.

The next day we met another guy at the Reception and learned that he is the son of the owner. His features look Indian to me so I took the liberty to ask him and I was right, he’s an Indian but born and raised in Bangkok. Merisses is a family owned and managed hotel. Small but well maintained. They were also very accommodating to our requests and even allowed us to check out at 6pm just in time for our departure back to homebase.

If ever there’s a chance for me to visit Bangkok again, I won’t hesitate to choose this hotel once more.

Merisses information:
Telephone +662 6633377
Email address: or

Mitch Carvalho