Midnight Snack

One of the good reasons that I love being back home is the “midnight snack”. When I’m with my brother, I can’t help to eat hahaha! It’s his turn this time, I asked him to buy BBQ and hot pandesal, he agreed right away! We ate while we watched TV, next thing we knew, there were only two sticks left, we almost forgot my mom’s share hahaha!

When I thought of blogging about this, we finished half already hehehe! My brother was teasing and laughing at me and said “pati ba naman yan iba-blog mo?” Filler kako yan hahaha! I’m sure he didn’t get what I meant! :p

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  1. katuwa naman keu mahgkapatid! midnyt snack, pandesal? buti meron? =)

    Nakuuu! You should see my brother, ang laki dahil sa katakawan. Swerte ko di halata sa pangangatawan ko. :p


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