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Missing CCs

The day I bid Bahrain goodbye was the day I’ve given up my credit cards. I had one (Visa) with Citibank and two (Visa and Master) with Standard Chartered Bank.

At first, I was hesitant to apply but on the other hand I thought it would be helpful having at least one, you know in case of emergency. I ended up having three LOL! There were promotions offered actually during the time when I applied for the two cards with Standard Chartered Bank-Bahrain. There were no fees to pay. I just had to submit all the necessary requirements and that was it! And when I had it, I tried it right away nyahahaha! My first purchase on credit was an AC. It was just in time, summer was approaching and I had to move to another empty flat. AC was just one of the necessities. If not for my credit cards, I’d be broke for a month.

Oh! I had fun swiping and swiping and swiping until…. my first bill came. I felt sad upon seeing the minimum due amount hehehe! Then, I realized that I should slow down in the next few months. But you know what, I did not. Ouch! That’s why when I decided to leave Bahrain for good, I had to suffer settling 3 credit cards at one time. That was only the time when the words “spend wisely” came to my mind. *sigh*

Um… well… no regrets! I had real fun using it and they’ve been very helpful to me and my ambitious eyes anyways. Missed you, CCs!

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