Missing You

It was two weeks ago when we waited for you at the airport. All I saw was that big smile on your face. Finally, we are together again. But that was two weeks ago. We are back to reality. You had to go and work miles away from us. Another 6 months before I could see that big smile on your face again.

You were so quiet when you left yesterday. I know the feeling and I know it hurts to leave. Wish we could be together everyday just like before. But we both know that when we started building this family, we were ready for any sacrifice. As you always say, it’s only 6 months and we will see each other again.

Don’t worry much, Deye is there to cheer me up. She already did actually. But you know what, you made me cry when you said “Please turn off the cam, I miss you all more”. Yup, he came online this morning, we had a short chat but requested not to use the webcam yet. I understood. I actually feel for you and I am feeling the same feeling the first time you left. If only I could be with you. If only we could join you there. If only we could, then we won’t be missing you like this….

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  1. Aww this post nearly made me cry. You guys are too sweet.
    you know the old adage – Distance makes the heart grow fonder.

    Ashlin’s last blog post..Popped My Meme Cherry!


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