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Mitch Asks #13

Who was your first love? He’s my {first} college boyfriend. A varsity basketball in our University. We were in the same block section during the first semester of our freshmen. He courted me from Day 1 of school but didn’t pay atention to him coz I felt that he wasn’t serious and it was most of his friends who told me that he liked me. Until one day, while I was going out the University, going through the walkway {heading to Taft Ave} I saw him approaching towards me with a single long stem red rose hahaha! No! Of course not! That wasn’t the start – YET. That was around June 1993. We officially had our relationship in January 1994 but lasted only until May 1994, right after my 18th birthday. He came. Very late. I thought he won’t make it but he did straight from Quezon province. But I never had an idea that…. that would be the last time I’m gonna see him. All I got was a letter with “I Love You Goodbye” casette tape saying that he’s letting me go. It wasn’t all clear to me. Until later I learned that his mother was against our relationship.

4 years later, I saw a piece of paper table napkin hanging at our gate, our house, here in Olongapo. The message was “I’m staying here in Legenda Suite Room No. 288. Yes, I still remember the Room number hahaha! If you have time, please call me.” There was no name written on the message. Just the smiley. I knew it was him. Through the smiley and his penmanship. I called the hotel but he wasn’t in that moment. I left a message with my office number and the company name where I was working. Few minutes before I left the office, my colleague told me that there’s someone looking for me outside. I checked from the window and yeah it was him!

We talked. We just talked. Nothing more. Nothing less. He wanted us back together but I was already committed at that time. He wasn’t. Yet, we both know, just like what he had written on the break up letter, if we are meant to be, we will be…

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