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Mitch Asks #15

Do you also write poems to express what you have inside your heart and give it to your special someone? Yes, in fact I had a compilation of all the poems that I’ve written but my friend asked for it before she went and migrated to London. That’s the only copy I had. One of the latest poems I made is this one, out of the blue it came to my mind while Bugoy’s Paano Na Kaya was playing {I was inspired by his song} as I was sitting on the bus heading home, took my cellphone, and…

Sana Noon Pa

Sana noon pa, pag-ibig mo ipinadama,
Sana noon pa, pagmamahal ipinakita
Di sana’y ikaw ang kapiling sa twina.
Kung kelan di na pwede…
Kung kelan lipas na panahon  para sa ‘tin
Saka pa nalamang mahal kitang talaga.

Sana noon pa, halik mo’y idinampi,
Sana noon pa, yakap mo’y nadama
Kung pwede lang sana, inangkin na kita.
Kung pwede lang sana di ka na pakakawalan pa.
Pagmamahal na nag-uumapaw,
Nasa isip ay laging ikaw.

Sorry, I made it in Tagalog hehe! Much easier…. Pwedeng kanta no? :p Here’s another one I made for my father last year.

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