I just thought that this year is the best time to pass the tradition on to my daughter – hanging of Christmas stocking on Christmas Eve. Now that she’s almost 4, she would understand and appreciate what’s happening and why we celebrate this special day. Aside from Bro’s birthday, just like the other kids it is also in her mind that Christmas is when Santa Claus shows up to give gifts to children who behaved well. Just like how my mom did, I, too, clearly told her that she has to go to sleep early so that Santa will pass by our house and leave the gifts and candies saved for her. As shown above, she did cooperate well. After hanging the stocking, she went to sleep with one request, she insisted on wearing her *toy* specs. Why? So that she would see Santa Claus clearly from the window. Heehee! Clever!

Note : Will update with more photos later after 12 mid. I gotta rush and finish insurance marketing task before the clock strikes at 12mid. Later!

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Mitch Carvalho

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