Mommy Moments : Love Language

Words of Affirmation. From the day she learned how to speak, I made sure she knows the proper use of simple yet meaningful words like “Love you/Love you, too”, “Thank you”, “Welcome”, and “Sorry”.

Acts of Service. Now that I have two girls, I try my level best not to lose quality time with the Ate. The day I recovered from a CSec operation, things went back to normal e.g. Giving her bath and preparing her for school and even putting her to sleep. That way, we also spend a quality time together.

Physical Touch. This act is very common for us. My eldest is one sweet little girl and that melts my heart every after disciplinary action I give her. She would hug me and say “I won’t do it again”. I know she will but the fact that she realizes her mistakes is enough.

Receiving Gifts. She’s 4. Could even hardly write her full name on a paper without my guidance so I don’t expect her to make a greeting card for me as early as this. If she would, that won’t come a surprise coz for sure she’ll have to do and finish it with my help. But you know what gave me joy last Monday? These flowers that she freshly picked from the garden. It so happened that the men working for us cut the plants and flowers in the front yard to give way to what they were doing (this reminds me that we need composters). She must have seen the cut flowers on the ground and picked pieces from there.

In my eyes and in my heart, these 3 little flowers will be the most expensive and high quality flowers ever! Join Mommy Moments here.

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