More Conversation With Deye

This morning, when she woke up, she was complaining that her neck was “ouch”.

Me : It’s how you slept. Next time you should turn *demonstrating her how while I turn my head to left and right*

Deye : Esesays????

Me : Yeeeeesss! Exercise!

At the back of my mind, I was laughing. I didn’t know she already knew that word hahaha!


Deye hasn’t been to the wet market, ever. Meaning she hasn’t seen big fishes and other seafood items that are normally seen in the market. So, today itself after I’m done with my work I brought her to the market coz I was crving for grilled milkfish.

The moment she saw the fishes, I saw her eyes opened wide. While I was picking milkfishes, she said:

Deye : Mama, can I touch?

Me : Okay, but not for long, it doesn’t smell nice.

Deye : *suddenly screamed* Mama! Mama! They have turtle o!

When I looked at the direction she was pointing at, I saw crabs. LOL! Can’t blame her they really look like a turtle as the claws were hidden. Hahaha!

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