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Morning Conversation With Deye

I would always wake up hearing a humming sound… Not from the birds. Na ah! Guess who? My little girl…

She did it again this morning…. This time it was to the tune of “You Are My Sunshine”.

I looked at her with my half opened eyes and said “Good morning”.

She made me smile by responding “Ma??” I love it when she calls me just “Ma”…

“Po?” I asked her back….

“Are you happy?”, she said…

I laughed and said “Opo, I am, because Deye is here.”

She smiled and paused for a while….

And she started again…

“Ma, Dada fall down?”

“Huh?” I said…

“Opo, in the carpet”, she confirmed.

“With whom?” I asked.

“With Mama” she replied.

My girl must be dreaming huh?

Mitch Carvalho


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